Relay Network Announces Rapid Growth in Number of Americans Using its Platform to Connect with Health Insurance Providers

Relay Network Announces Rapid Growth in Number of Americans Using its Platform to Connect with Health Insurance Providers

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Today Relay Network, a customer communications software provider, announced that its connected consumers in healthcare grew over 200 percent from 2015 to 2016. Research shows that the vast majority of Americans do not understand their healthcare benefits or how they work. Health insurers using Relay, which represent nearly 30 million U.S. consumers, can help their members better understand and act on their healthcare benefits by leveraging its private and personalized mobile communication channel for easier and more effective member interaction. This growth milestone caps off a period of heightened activity in Relay’s healthcare user base, with 2017 already on pace to double 2016 connected customers.

Many of the nation’s health insurance providers like Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Independence Blue Cross, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of South Carolina are using Relay Network to automate and personalize service experiences. With Relay, health insurers easily and intelligently provide members access to relevant information and allow them to take necessary actions — like finding a provider in network or scheduling an appointment with their doctor. If a customer needs additional help, they can seamlessly connect with a representative in the same mobile feed.

The current state of digital customer communication is lagging for customers and businesses, and it’s especially complex for healthcare enterprises. Legacy systems and stringent regulations make it hard for health insurers to digitize their member base and meet consumers’ expectations for fast, easy, and mobile experiences, resulting in unread content and unresolved issues.

“The customer experience has become the key brand differentiator for businesses. Healthcare providers are looking for ways to innovate the way they connect with members in order to meet rising consumer expectations for hyper-personalized, guided customer experiences,” said Matt Gillin, CEO and co-founder of Relay Network. “Relay Network allows health insurers to offer a single, secure channel for self-service, and the significant growth and rapid adoption we have seen among our healthcare customers makes it clear that this approach is working.”

Use of Relay’s platform has yielded significant benefits, as higher engagement rates between health insurers and members result in better outcomes, while lowering costs and raising awareness and use of providers’ digital assets. Results in the healthcare space include:

  • Members were 160 percent more likely to get preventative screenings.
  • Members have seen a 57 percent closure in care gaps.
  • 64 percent of members switched from Brand Name to Generic Rx.
  • Members are 175% more likely to review plan information.
  • Member portal registrations increased by 130%.

“We know that today’s healthcare system can be confusing, so we’re making it easier to understand. We want our customers to make informed choices about their health and healthcare costs,” said Melissa Cummings, senior vice president and chief customer officer at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island. “With innovative tools like Relay, we can send our customers personalized and secure messages right on the mobile devices they use every day. This includes health screening reminders, money-saving tips and suggestions for making the most of their coverage.”