Mobile Messaging Leads to Healthy Habits

Jul 12, 2016

Relay clients in the healthcare industry have experienced positive patient outcomes by establishing a known, digital connection to their patients or members, which enables a personalized stream of HIPAA-compliant messaging.

In a recent WSJ article, reporter Lisa Ward profiled studies detailing the numerous healthcare benefits of patient messaging and the associated communications challenges facing healthcare providers. “While health systems have gotten very good at treating heart attacks, they struggle to connect with patients recovering from heart attacks after they return home,” wrote Ward. Relay is solving this massive engagement and communication problem in the healthcare space by bringing critical stakeholders together on the same network in order to drive better patient care. At Relay, we leverage the blueprint of social media to meet patients needs by providing the right information and messages at the right time on the preferred channel.

Similar to the providers mentioned in Ward’s article, Relay clients have experienced positive patient outcomes by establishing a known, digital connection to their patients or members, which enables a personalized stream of HIPAA-compliant messaging, down to the individual. Customers of Relay’s clients are “invited” to connect on a private communication channel, and verification happens securely and simply, allowing large enterprises to rapidly achieve digital connectivity to a massive percentage of their customer base.

Prior to partnering with Relay, the largest health insurer in the Philadelphia region (whose parent company Independence Health Group, recently became a strategic investor in Relay) was seeking a technology-driven solution that could educate and empower its members to take a more active role in their healthcare information and support. A strategic partnership lead to the Relay Wire®, a communications network where patients could manage complex and important healthcare journeys such as chronic condition management, billing, wellness coaching, and others over a HIPAA compliant space. When utilizing the Relay Wire, the insurer saw greater levels of adherence and adoption from its connected members, who were 160% more likely to get preventative screenings (i.e. colonoscopy/mammography) and 57% more likely to close a care gap.

In less than one year, we tripled the response rates that we normally see using email and direct mail, and significantly increased utilization of our app and our provider finder tool.
Brian Lobley, Senior VP of Marketing and Consumer Business

Customers expectations for business communication continue to rise as digitally driven consumers seek mobile-friendly solutions that provide actionable, personalized, and secure information in an interactive format. In healthcare, such a trend is even more critical since customer experience and communication are considered the primary driver of loyalty and retention. “The most important thing we’re seeing in healthcare is the huge opportunity to deliver a better experience to the customer,” notes our CEO Matt Gillin. Continued research on the various benefits of personalized, mobile messaging for patients helps to underscore the critical nature of Relay’s mission to create connected healthcare customers.

To learn more about how Relay is working with top healthcare providers across the nation to put patients back in the center of their health ecosystem through mobile messaging, request a demo.


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