Webinar: How Healthcare Plans Have Adapted and Transformed their Member Experience Strategies to Drive Outsized Outcomes with Relay

Catch the full panel discussion here.

Recent industry changes have upended traditional communication channels, marketing strategies, and industry expectations – creating a great deal of uncertainty. To be successful in such a rapidly evolving system, health plans have had to find innovative ways to quickly transform their member experience and drive outsized outcomes. Relay had the opportunity to discuss these trends and the strategies necessary to modernize the member experience with three marketing leaders in the health payer space: Lindsey Knight, from Highmark Health, Erin Thurston, from Independence Blue Cross, and Erin O’Connell from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.

Hear from these three panelists, along with Relay CEO, Matt Gillin, on how they were able to stay ahead of the forced digital transformation movement brought on in 2020 by leveraging their existing digital foundation with Relay to transform the patient experience, driving engagement, education, and overall healthier lives on our frictionless customer engagement channel.

“With Relay, we are able to reach 1.8 million members with a message that we’ve crafted in 30 minutes, because we know that it’s important and we know that we can get it into their hands. We never would have been able to do that through traditional channels.”

Lindsey Knight, Highmark Health