Relay for
Financial Services

Improve the banking customer experience with 1:1 engagement

Personalized customer engagement solutions to increase loyalty, support onboarding and drive retention for your banking customers.

Experience The Feed

Better customer experience in banking creates value and loyalty

Automatically send individualized solutions for all of your financial services events and products that save customers time and simplify their experience.

High Value Use Cases

  • Onboarding
  • Account Activation
  • Cross-sell and Upsell
  • Paperless Enrollment
  • Fraud Notices
  • Rewards Offers
  • Direct Deposit
  • App and Mobile Banking Adoption
  • Application Pull-through
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Card Re-issuance
  • Purchase Confirmations
  • Loan Utilization
  • Bill Pay
  • 401k Plan Participation
  • Customer Loyalty


Faster loan application completion


Instant digital user adoption


Increase in loan application pull-through


Increase in HELOC utilization


Increase in HELOC application completion


Re-engagement of applicants

Turnkey digital experiences in banking that go beyond the limitations of legacy channels

Pre-templated messages already proven to improve the banking customer experience and onboarding. More engaging than text, more proactive than portals and more effective than the email inbox.

What you get

Mobile Number Analysis

Quickly determine your eligible recipients with an instant mobile number analysis of your customer records.

Secure Customer Feed™

Send text message notifications and securely engage customers with a branded message feed.

Quick Stand Up

Get started quickly with templated experiences already vetted and proven in your industry.

Robust Reporting

Track your program’s success in real time to easily report results and make informed decisions.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Your dedicated Client Success Manager will stand up your program in 30 days so you can start seeing results immediately.

No Download Required

Circumvent adoption challenges and deliver personalized, actionable messages directly to customers’ mobile devices.

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