The Relay

A Relay Feed is designed engagement-first. We’ve figured out what makes people engage and built the content, format and intelligence to drive it.

Access Is Our
Guiding Principle

Our solution is built to give customers access to their feeds:


Give customers easy access to the types of content that are personal and relevant to them.


Allow for your Feed Manager to have access to the tools and data needed for personal customer experiences.


See how engagement initiatives track to the outcomes most important to your business.

The Relay Solution

Relay Feed:
The Format Where Customers Engage

  • A Relay Feed is the format through which customers engage with the messages most personal and relevant to them.
  • It’s scrollable, easy to use, personal and intelligent – the more a customer interacts with their feed, the more personal it gets.
  • Relay Feeds allow for a higher rate of engagement with the contextually-relevant type of content.

Relay Experience Cloud:
What Customers Engage With

  • The Relay Experience Cloud is your repository of content that populates your customers’ Relay Feeds.
  • Whether it is content created by your team, by Relay experts or by your peers, content in the Experience Cloud can be curated to fit your customer’s unique persona.
  • Ensure all the messages you relay to your customers align with your business outcomes and your customer’s needs.

Relay IQ:
The Intelligence Driving Engagement

  • Meter the cadence by which your lines of business communicate with customers without giving up the ability to market to them.
  • Use machine learning models to inject relationship-building experiences into the ebb and flow of customer communications.
  • Have a customer’s attributes and behaviors – like age, location and interactions with your brand – inform the content that populates their personal, 1:1 feed.
The Feed
Right On
Your Phone

Security, Privacy
& Compliance

Our solution meets rigorous security, privacy and compliance standards

What You Have

Driving engagement is not a new concept for you, so we integrate nicely into what you already have using our Open API. Our clients have leveraged our API to connect Relay with the following systems


Customer Relationship Management


Identity Verification


Financial Services


Loan Organization Systems