Get off to a healthy start. Seamlessly guide more members to quickly complete critical health risk assessments using personalized, HIPAA-compliant feed technology.

Drive HRA Completions

Overcome the challenge of poor HRA completion rates with a mobile-first strategy that is proven to deliver more completions, faster than any other channel.


With more than a decade of experience, Relay’s healthcare consultants work with you to translate paper assessments into seamless, digital experiences that remove friction and eliminate costs associated with paper mail and outbound calls.


Delivered via timely SMS invitations, members will access and complete their risk assessment all within their personalized, HIPAA-compliant feed. No password or download required.


All completed form data is delivered on a real-time basis into your existing systems.

More quickly than ever, you’ll be able to align members to the appropriate care plans and interventions based on their unique challenges, habits, and motivations.

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