3 Steps to Automate Mobile Engagement and Improve Your CX

November 2, 2017

Are you…

  • Trying to increase mobile engagement rates with your customers?
  • Struggling to send timely content to customers throughout their customer journey to improve CX, generate growth or reduce costs?
  • Unsure if you can “go mobile” given your company’s current state of marketing maturity?

Watch this free webinar where you will learn best practices for “going mobile” with your customer communications. Featuring Brie Tascione, CMO of Relay Network, Brie shares case studies from Fortune 500 companies that have successfully improved customer experience by delivering timely, highly relevant content to customers at various stages of their customer journey. The result has been better engagement rates, higher NPS, and reduced customer churn.

Why Now:

According to Forrester, the next battleground to win, serve, and retain customers is “in the moment.”¹ Enterprises must shift toward delivering personalized content and services when and where a consumer needs or wants them – and it has to be mobile. But there’s a disconnect – most enterprises today focus time and effort on apps and portals for all people, making it hard for businesses to reach their engagement goals and leaving customers’ needs unmet.

2017 Gartner Cool Vendor Relay Network provides examples that can inspire all companies looking to increase mobile engagement by automating the delivery of proactive, individualized messaging throughout the entire customer journey.


Brie Tascione, CMO of Relay Network

Brie is CMO and founding member of the mobile engagement automation company, Relay Network, which provides real-time mobile messaging solutions for Fortune 500 companies to more effectively educate, serve and transact with their customers.

Casey Murray, Partner, The Virtual CRO

Casey has led sales and marketing efforts at machine learning technology companies focused on improving customer experience and digital marketing performance.

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