AHIP 2024: Relay’s Impactful Presence

June 25, 2024

At the AHIP 2024 annual conference in Las Vegas, the Relay team had an enriching experience connecting with clients, learning from industry experts, and gaining valuable insights to enhance our operations.

A major highlight was our engaging panel discussion, “Member Engagement Modernization: Connectivity and Interaction at Scale,” moderated by Relay’s CEO, Steve Gillin. Panelists Chi Bui, Director of Member Center of Excellence, and Jill Chapman, Director of Member Engagement from Blue Shield of California, explored the vital role of member engagement in healthcare. They discussed how leveraging modern tools not only extends member reach and interaction, especially with hard-to-reach members, but also significantly enhances care management and supports health outcomes.

From L to R: Steve Gillin, Jill Chapman, and Chi Bui on stage

Member Reach and Interaction Using Modern Tools

To start, Chi and Jill shared their holistic approach to member engagement that includes an omnichannel strategy designed to meet members on channels where they are most comfortable. While they utilize traditional methods like direct mail and email, they have seen increasing success using more modern tools for engaging, especially with their hard-to-reach populations. They have found that these tools have proven effective in improving reach and fostering stronger payer-member relationships out of the gate.

Facilitating Member Journeys Using Modern Tools

Like other healthcare payers, the goal for the member engagement team at Blue Shield of California is to help members stay healthy and engaged. During the discussion, they shared a sample member journey that starts with onboarding communications, like benefits education and digital tool adoption and evolves with tailored messages along the way, focused on disease management or preventive care, depending on the member and their health needs.

Challenges to Overcome with Modern Engagement Tools

While the benefits of using modern tools are clear, there are challenges that healthcare payers must overcome in the implementation and usage of these tools. Security and compliance remain paramount, as the protection of health information is critical. Chi and Jill emphasized the necessity for HIPAA compliance and high security standards across all digital tools used, ensuring member data is securely managed.

Looking Ahead: Flexibility and Adaptability in Modern Tools

The need for tools that can swiftly adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape and rising member expectations was a key point of their closing remarks. Such adaptability is essential for driving successful health outcomes and maintaining relevance in a rapidly changing environment.

AHIP 2024 marked a significant success for Relay, filled with productive discussions and promising opportunities. We eagerly anticipate next year’s conference, ready to continue our journey in transforming healthcare engagement.

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