It’s time to take engagement personal

The Customer Feed™ is the new way to reach your customers one‑to‑one when they need you most.

A preferred format re-imagined for business

  • An always-on, one-to-one message feed to educate, support and transact with your customers
  • Delivers personalized, timely solutions tailored to customers’ individual needs 
  • Stores a history of interactions that customers can come back to, making future interactions easier
  • Unlike apps, there’s no download required

Everything you love about text messaging without the limits

  • Text notifications direct users to their Customer Feed
  • Immediate and highly responsive channel for engaging customers
  • Overcomes the security and content limitations of text messaging solutions

Delivers answers before customers have to ask

  • Delivers individualized, guided support at key customer moments, leading to increased enrollment and pull-through 
  • Reduces your customers’ effort and need to call
  • Increases self-service success rates by making your tools and next steps more visible 

There’s nothing you can’t do with a secure and compliant mobile messaging platform

  • HIPAA, PHI and PCI compliant 
  • Solves all your customer engagement use cases, even complex, multi-step interactions
  • Provides a secure, compliant mobile engagement solution for regulated industries

Flexible branding options to make it your own

  • Maintain control over your brand with every interaction
  • Brand messages at the company, product or individual level 
  • Upsell or cross-sell by recommending relevant products and services

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