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HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform for healthcare

Mobile engagement and secure messaging solutions that improve member retention and onboarding while reducing patient costs.

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Better patient engagement, outcomes and savings

Automatically send individualized solutions to increase member engagement with your existing tools, empowering patients to achieve better health

High Value Use Cases

  • Onboarding
  • Referrals
  • Benefits Education
  • Adherence
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Preventative Care
  • Brand to Generic Rx
  • ER Deflection
  • App and Portal Adoption
  • Renewals
  • Claims Status
  • Paperless Enrollment
  • Wellness and Benefits
  • Bill Pay
  • Open Enrollment
  • HSA Enrollment
  • Disease Management
  • Member Loyalty


Increase in preventative screenings


Decrease in care gaps


Increase in contact rates with health coaches


Increase in switching to a generic Rx over brand name


More likely to review plan information


More likely to recommend


Increase in app downloads

Turnkey digital experiences in healthcare that go beyond the limitations of legacy channels

Our patient and member engagement platform comes with pre-templated messages already proven to work in healthcare. More engaging than text, more proactive than portals and more effective than the email inbox.

What you get

Mobile Number Analysis

Quickly determine your eligible recipients with an instant mobile number analysis of your customer records.

HIPAA Compliant Customer Feed™

Send text message notifications and securely engage customers with a branded message feed.

Quick Stand Up

Get started quickly with templated experiences already vetted and proven in your industry.

Robust Reporting

Track your program’s success in real time to easily report results and make informed decisions.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Your dedicated Client Success Manager will stand up your program in 30 days so you can start seeing results immediately.

No Download Required

Circumvent adoption challenges and deliver personalized, actionable messages directly to customers’ mobile devices.

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