AAA membership renewals among millennials were significantly lower than other groups and legacy channels were proving to be ineffective for reaching this population. Fortunately, this group was most likely to provide a mobile number, so AAA W&CNY partnered with Relay to capture renewals using text message notifications. Additionally, they simplified the process even further to reduce credit card declines at the time of renewal.

The Challenge

  • AAA was finding that traditional forms of outreach like paper mail and outbound calls were becoming less effective and more expensive to renew memberships.
  • The millennial population was the hardest to reach, but the most likely to provide a mobile number.
  • The company knew that finding a better way to reach customers was the first step, and making it easier to renew was equally as important.

The Results

Relay® Renewal Assist was the answer AAA was looking for. Together, we built a simplified membership renewals workflow that delivered proactive messages to the member’s mobile phone, without mailers or phone calls required, and increased the likelihood of a renewal by 17%. AAA also used Relay to notify members of a potential credit card decline due to an expired card, so the renewal process would be frictionless for the member and easier for AAA to process quickly.

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