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Customer-Centric Banking: Deepening Relationships through Personalized Engagement

Featuring Kathryn Garrison, VP Home Equity Customer Experience Strategy Manager

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In an ever-evolving financial landscape, building and maintaining strong customer relationships is essential for banks and their success today. Customer engagement is a key factor in this formula, but how is it executed? Hear from Kathryn Garrison, VP, Home Equity Customer Experience Strategy Manager, about the impact that personalized digital engagement has had for Citizens Bank HELOC, and how, by creating targeted and customized experiences starting in one line of business, it can have a positive ripple effect across the bank, further deepening customer relationships and driving interest in other product lines.

Relay has been a fantastic partner and I have not seen any technology out there that is quite as useful or helpful in this particular space. We definitely love working with you and your company.

Kathryn Garrison

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