Optimizing Onboarding to Enhance the Member Experience Across the Lifecycle

Kristin Rantala, National VP, Sales and Client Management, UnitedHealthcare Global
Michelle Fatsi, VP of National and Major Accounts, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Lindsey Knight, Senior Director of CRM, Highmark Health

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Successful health plan member experience programs need to start with strong foundations, and it can be easy to overlook that a solid foundation begins with member onboarding.  Even before a member begins to utilize a health plan’s services, having convenient and timely access to resources including benefits information will help in better understanding the plan and building trust and loyalty. 

As you prepare for the next enrollment period, learn how plans have designed best-in-class onboarding strategies to optimize their members’ experience and engagement rates, and consider how those onboarding tools can be utilized effectively throughout the member’s journey. 

Below are some snippets from the thoughtful conversation featuring Kristin Rantala, Michelle Fatsi, and Lindsey Knight.

Onboarding for us is very much around managing messaging and creating really engaging ways to connect with members throughout the lifecycle, through not only that first month or those couple of weeks that someone joins.

Kristin Rantala

We’re in a society that has continued to increase expectations of how quickly something can happen. Making sure that members have means to reach us in a way that works for them especially if it is expanding the use of technology and digital beyond what has always been that traditional phone support.

Michelle Fatsi

SMS plays a vital role not only in onboarding but in overall member engagement. Being able to have that connection to that member right on their mobile phone and do it so easily to give them that link to take them to that next best action is vital.

Lindsey Knight

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