Whitepaper: Create Healthcare Members For Life

Meaningful member engagement: Improving member health and sentiment while lowering costs for health payers

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57% of health payer executives have cited improved member engagement as the top priority outcome for digital transformation initiatives, almost 5x more important than financial outcomes (12%), yet health payers still struggle to meaningfully engage with their members with digital tools today.

So, what is the real impact of meaningful member engagement for members and health payers? How can health payers overcome the engagement challenge today? What strategies can health payers put in place to more meaningfully engage with their members to lower costs and drive member and employer group retention?

Read this whitepaper that dives into all thing’s member engagement and shares insights on the importance of meaningful member engagement in driving outcomes like improving member sentiment, lowering cost of care, and driving member and employer group retention.

In this whitepaper, you will read about:

  • The impact of meaningful engagement across all facets of the health payer organization
  • How to create relationships with members rooted in trust to drive loyalty and retention
  • How you can more meaningfully engage with members, digitally

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