Relay’s Approach to Improving HEDIS® Scores

HEDIS® scores are rising in significance with updates to the framework of Star Ratings. Member experience, which is captured through CAHPS data, has carried more weight for Star Ratings over the past few years, but the pendulum is starting to swing back to include less variable data, like HEDIS® measures and pharmacy measures. By making this shift, HEDIS® scores will become the highest weighted category by 2026. Because of this, plans need to focus more of their time and effort on driving member actions that ultimately roll up to HEDIS® measures. That’s where Relay comes in.

Introducing our Ebook, “Relay’s Approach to Improving HEDIS® Scores”. Using our unique approach to member engagement, leveraging the Relay Feed, we have demonstrated proven results in driving the outcomes that are important to improving HEDIS scores. Click below to download the full Ebook.

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