Improve Member Onboarding With These 5 Quick Wins

July 3, 2019

A successful member onboarding strategy is the best opportunity for healthcare companies to improve engagement, drive healthier behaviors, and lower overall costs. In a webinar we hosted last week, we discussed the five member onboarding “quick wins” that leading healthcare companies are using to build better experiences, just in time for open enrollment.

In the age of Amazon and Netflix, consumers have begun to expect simple, personalized experiences with every business in their lives, regardless of industry. They want their individual needs to be met with ease and for their questions to be answered proactively. At the end of the day, people just want things to be relevant, timely and most of all, easy.

Healthcare is notoriously complex and confusing, and on top of that, people want to spend as little time as possible learning about their health plans. However, high member engagement is linked to better outcomes and less-costly behaviors. So, how can you bridge today’s consumer expectations with those actions and behaviors that lead to healthier, more engaged members?

The answer lies in providing a simplified, personalized, and proactive member onboarding experience. Onboarding is the single greatest opportunity to drive engagement among new members, set a standard for communication and build a strong foundation for a great relationship moving forward. In fact, we’ve seen that members who go through a personalized onboarding experience are 30% more engaged and 21% less costly than those who did not.

At Relay, we’re currently working with more than 30 of the leading healthcare companies in the US, and in our 10+ years of experience, we’ve identified five onboarding “quick wins” that are proven to drive higher engagement and better outcomes:

  1. Establish a digital connection
  2. Explain their coverage
  3. Direct them to your resources
  4. Reduce gaps in care
  5. Promote healthy decisions

When introduced during new member onboarding, these five quick wins have led to our clients seeing a 130% increase in portal adoption, a 90% increase in app downloads and a 50% reduction in agent-handled calls.

To learn how you can improve your entire member onboarding experience and go more in depth on the five wins listed above, view our latest webinar here. You’ll walk away with valuable, actionable insights you can implement quickly and easily, just in time for open enrollment this year.

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