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We know what it takes to work with specialized, regulated, and service-based industries – in fact, we have 100+ clients using Relay Feeds today. It’s what we do best.

Case Studies

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank had slow student loan application completion rates. Using Relay Feeds, they sped up loan application pull through by 40% for historically hard-to-reach millennial groups.

National Health Plan

One of the country’s leading health payers was looking to improve member engagement. Using Relay’s HIPAA-compliant feeds, they were able to increase preventative tests and screenings by 11%.


AAA membership renewals among millennials were lower than other groups and legacy channels were ineffective in getting them to renew. That’s when they partnered with Relay to capture the attention of millennials and to simplify the renewal process.


Maxor was looking for a HIPAA-compliant engagement solution that could reduce call center costs. Using Relay Feeds, they were able to reduce outbound calls by 50% and get patients timely and critical information fast.