To improve mortgage pull-through rates, Investors Bank is leveraging the Relay platform to easily guide loan applicants through a complex, multi-step process with guided, proactive service.

The Challenge

  • Before Relay, Investors Bank lacked a simple, mobile-first way to directly engage its customers.
  • The average timeline for a mortgage pull-through was 60 days from application to completion, and required bank employees manually walking applicants through every step of the process.
  • On average, the value of one completed loan application is $371,000, so Investors knew that increasing the rate of application completions would yield faster, more immediate revenue opportunities.

The Results

Together, we made the mortgage application process intuitive, streamlined and on-demand. Now, Investors’ is seeing applications completed in as little as 14 days from the welcome message to closing. The pace and the incorporation of mobile-first messaging better meets customer expectations and makes the whole process feels like less of a hassle, easing the mortgage pull-through sales strategy.

Download the Full Case Study

Discover how Relay simplifies and streamlines the loan application process with proactive, guided service.