Major cable companies have discovered a new, easy way to guide customers through a home move and reduce call center costs. Leveraging Relay’s mobile messaging solution, cable companies can send relevant content at the right moments - from cable box shipping notifications to tech install reminders - to alleviate friction and improve customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

  • Home moves is one of the most frequent customer use cases for cable companies and it’s a multistep process.
  • As soon as a customer initiates a home move, a waterfall of questions typically arises. Customers first instinct is to call their provider, driving up call center costs.
  • Cable companies often have massive customer bases, so having a scalable solution for this common customer moment is crucial.

The Results

Relay allows telecom companies to reach millions of customers with personal, effective experiences at scale, and during a time as hectic as a home move, that reduced effort on the part of the customer goes a lot way. Relay clients have seen customer satisfaction improve by 37% and a 32% decrease in inbound calls, resulting in massive cost savings and happier customers.

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