How to reduce inbound calls by 32% and improve the cable home move experience

The Challenge

Reducing friction and costly calls during home moves

From the time a customer lets their cable provider know they are moving to a new location, a waterfall of questions starts. Did they receive my order? How do I disconnect my old equipment? Can I reuse my old equipment at my new home? When will the cable technician show up? Do they know my new address?

Cable customers move all the time – in fact, it's one of the most frequent customer use cases for cable and internet providers. Telecom providers keep detailed records of these moves and have data points about their customers at every crucial moment of their move. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to keep customers posted about the status of their move without relying on costly phone calls or a flurry of automated, impersonal emails. Plus, cable companies can serve millions of people all over the country, so they must have solutions that scale and can accommodate a massive customer base.

The Solution

Timely, proactive messages to guide customers through every step of the process

Cable and internet providers need a simple, scalable way to guide customers through the moving process. With Relay, they can send timely, relevant and personalized messages to show customers what to do next without having to respond to inbound calls or make outbound calls. Relay allows telecom providers to deliver a proactive, personalized messaging platform designed to save customers time and simplify their experience.

After a customer notifies their cable and internet provider that they're planning to move, providers use the Relay platform to automate a series of personalized, one-to-one messages that coincide with where the customer is in their move. These messages can include things like order confirmations, self-install kit shipment notifications, instructions on how to return old equipment, and even product-specific ‘How To’ videos. Instead of customers having to do the legwork of calling the provider, or trying to locate answers in a portal, the cable provider proactively sends information, tools and suggested next steps before customers even need to ask.

All of the information needed to move successfully can usually be found in a customers’ online cable account, but customers simply do not put in the work to find it. Instead, they get frustrated and tie up phone lines at customer service call centers. By pushing the right content to the right user at the right time, Relay helps providers and their customers get unstuck and move more seamlessly through the process. During a time as hectic as a home move, that reduced effort goes a long way.

For telecom companies, the ability to reach millions of customers with personal, effective experiences at scale is a game-changer. Relay clients have seen customer satisfaction among customers using the mobile engagement platform improve by 37%. Additionally, telecom providers are seeing a 32% decrease in inbound calls, which means massive cost savings for these companies. When asked about their experience with the platform, one telecom customer said, “At all times, I knew what was going on. The text messages were wonderful.” Another said, “The timely reminders sold me because it made me believe that a corporate service actually does care about the consumer.”

The Results


Reduction in Inbound Calls


Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

What's Next

Looking ahead to tech installs and equipment swaps

After seeing the success of the engagement platform for moves, Relay is helping telecom companies identify other common customer moments where our solution can make a real impact, including technician installations and simple equipment swaps. Cable and internet providers consistently roll out new products and services, so notifying eligible customers about updates or offers is another way to boost engagement and customer satisfaction.

Relay provides frictionless experiences for telecom customers all over the country. Want to discuss how we could help your business? Reach out to us for a demo.