Customer Journey Mapping Examples to Improve Your User Experience

August 7, 2018

Customer journey mapping examples highlight an important and growing segment of the digital customer experience: Using mobile to provide customers with personalized solutions in their moments of need.

Customer journey mapping examples can be as varied as the customers themselves. For each product, there’s a unique set of users with a unique set of needs and a unique path to meeting them. When you start to map the customer journey for your own users, however, you’ll quickly notice that patterns emerge.

While the points on the map may vary slightly, the routes and the roadblocks often stay the same — giving you road signs for where to improve the customer experience.

All those moments your users are running into again and again are opportunities to provide messaging that anticipates their needs — a service they’ve come to expect. The major consumer tech companies have changed the game, turning personalized solutions into the bar for good service. That level of care is especially critical during the tricky moments along the customer lifecycle — like onboarding or billing — that have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction.

This individualized attention can be delivered through a mobile engagement automation tool like Relay, walking customers through their next steps, directing them to your best digital tools and content, and seamlessly skipping any frustration.

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