Digital Tools Support Changing Health Insurance Needs for Employers

January 11, 2018

Rising customer expectations require a new approach to engagement. Today’s customers want and expect communications with the businesses in their lives to be fast, easy, and mobile.

The same is true when it comes to how employees want to engage with their employers. Take benefits for example: 81% of employers say their employees don’t understand their benefits. It’s not a surprise when you consider most of this critical but often confusing information is mailed once a year. More and more companies are looking to embrace digital solutions that can simplify and improve these moments to create engaged, educated, and healthier employees.

Employers assessing insurance providers today can’t just evaluate plans based on the size of their network, benefits offerings, or out-of-pocket costs; equally as important is what that insurer is doing to make sure those benefits are easy to understand and use for their members. In a recent piece for the Philadelphia Business Journal, Independence CMO Paula Sunshine discusses the importance of providing digital resources, such as the IBX Wire by Relay, to help employees take an active role in their health.

Check out the article here to see how Independence is leveraging proactive, personalized mobile communications to make it easy for employees to get into healthy habits.

See how Relay is helping the nation’s leading healthcare providers improve customer experience here.

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