Increase Mobile Engagement with the Answers to These 7 Questions

Jun 04, 2018

The quest to increase mobile engagement gets more challenging every day, as customer moments are shrinking to micro-moments and they demand more personalized, prescribed approaches. Getting this right is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s now critical for driving customer satisfaction, retention and growth.

But the pace at which expectations are changing makes it difficult for businesses to stay ahead, and often leads to a number of questions: What type of content drives the highest engagement? How often should I reach out to my customers? What does a great customer experience look like?

That’s why at Relay we have an entire team dedicated to helping our clients increase mobile engagement. Our client success managers work with our clients every day to improve customer experiences through proactive, hyper-personalized support delivered at just the right time. Everything they learn, our clients benefit from, whether it’s proven mobile engagement best practices or something as specific as how to encourage banking customers to switch to paperless statements. They’re there for every step of your mobile engagement campaign, from idea to strategy to launch to optimization.

We asked Relay’s Chief Experience Officer Beckwith Cromer the most common questions her team gets from enterprises seeking to increase mobile engagement. Here are her answers:

Where are the gaps in my mobile engagement strategy?

The Relay client success team always starts with the data. When you’re looking to increase user engagement, look first to the parts of the customer journey creating friction. Does customer engagement fall off at a certain point? Do customer service calls spike for a particular step in the customer journey? Are there costly interactions that you want to move to digital channels? Prioritizing these critical interactions is a great place to start.

To do that, our experts suggest identifying the questions your customers have during these micro-moments, then using mobile engagement automation to deliver very specific solutions before they have to ask. For example, Relay’s mobile technology can send your customers a message right when they get their first bill and walk them through what it means. Personalized, proactive outreach that solves a real problem will train your customers that it’s in their best interest to engage with your content.

Which mobile users can I message now and in the future?

Having the tools to engage your users on mobile is key, but access isn’t the same thing as ability. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, requires you to acquire and manage proper customer consent in order to legally reach customers on their phones.

At Relay, we have a well-honed process for collecting user permissions, analyzing mobile numbers and considering TCPA-compliance. Our client success team will walk you through all of it, helping you to max out your mobile reach while keeping you compliant – including providing guidance on the types of messages you can send based on the consent you have. And we mean max out — one of our client success managers helped Citizens Bank earn an 88 percent mobile adoption ratefrom its student-loan applicants, speeding up the pull-through process by 40 percent and giving the bank a better way to reach its customers for years to come.

What should my plan for increasing engagement look like?

Getting mobile phone numbers and appropriate permissions is certainly the first step, but it’s just the start of a full mobile engagement strategy. Our client success team has brought so many companies down the path, they already know where all the pitfalls are and how to find the best way forward. They’ll work with you to plan out your project, put the necessary integrations in place and prepare your team with training at all levels. Their expertise will save you time and money as you engage your customers.

They’ll also help you adapt in real-time. When one of our energy clients saw Hurricane Harvey hit 40,000 of its customers, our client success manager jumped in to create a new plan for crisis response within hours. Together, they delivered a series of messages reassuring customers, building trust and dramatically reducing frantic phone calls in the wake of the catastrophe.

What messages will increase mobile engagement?

Creating high value journeys is where our client success team really shines. We have the data to know what experiences work best, what kind of language gets results, and dozens of other aspects leading to well crafted and highly engaging messages. Plus our deep industry experience allows us to share tips specific to your customers’ needs.

For one healthcare client, knowing how to say the right thing at the right time led to a 175% increase in the number of customers reviewing their plan information, and — even better —a 60% increase in preventative screenings.

How do I design a great customer experience?

At Relay, our CX Builder does the heavy lifting for you, giving enterprises an easy to use drag-and-drop composer tool to build dynamic mobile web experiences for your customers. You don’t need a technical background. Our client success team is still there to help you identify the critical communication opportunities in your customers’ lifecycle, and give your journeys that extra bit of polish to meet customers’ expectations for simplicity, personalization and ease. Our research will inform the things that are specific to your customers, like how often to reach out, what times work best, and what call-to-actions are most compelling.

What metrics measure customer engagement?

Measurement is built into the Relay platform, so you’ll know quickly how you’re doing on goals to increase mobile engagement. Our client success team likes to take it a little deeper than that though, helping you to understand how that user engagement translates into customer retention, cost savings and revenue growth. Those are the numbers that make mobile engagement meaningful not just to the marketing team, but to the C-suite.

How do I keep increasing user engagement?

The numbers are just a jumping off point. Once we have data, we use it to refine the content, adjust the experiences and increase the conversions. Your client success manager will help you see the opportunities in your results, so you can continue to increase mobile engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

A good customer experience requires knowing both what to try and how to tell if it’s working. Our client success team bridges that gap for all of our clients, giving them the tools and the training to effectively reach users. The result is mobile engagement that works for your customers and your business’s bottom line.

Interested in learning more about the Relay Client Success Team and how they can help with your businesses' customer engagement strategy? Let us know.