Infographic: The Problem with Modern Self-Service

See our findings combined with relevant stats in a customer service infographic emphasizing the problem with modern self-service.

As digital transformation continues to reinvent the consumer experience in nearly every industry, self-service becomes less of a nice to have and more of a necessity to compete in today’s market. We surveyed hundreds of CX, IT, and operations managers at large U.S based enterprises to better understand the landscape of self-service and how today’s businesses are trying – but mostly struggling – to meet the rising expectations of their customers when it comes to offering easy, personalized, and timely experiences.

Here at Relay we’ve combined our findings along with some relevant stats into the below customer service infographic emphasizing the problem with modern self-service. The numbers clearly show that in order to respond and stay competitive, businesses need a new approach – one that offers customers an easy way to get things done at the right time using the right tools. We call this approach guided service, and enterprises across multiple industries are teaming up with Relay to create, deliver, and automate guided customer service experiences that eliminate the guesswork and accelerate business outcomes. Take a look:

It’s clear that in today’s world, where customer expectations reign supreme, guided service is the answer. Some of the nation’s largest service-based companies within banking, healthcare, energy, and cable have woken up to this reality and are using Relay’s customer communications platform to dramatically improve the digital experience in order to build lasting and profitable customer relationships. Click below for a free demo to learn more and see how your business can create, deliver, and automate guided service experiences and make the shift from self-service to guided service.

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